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30M Fund for Impact Startups
30M Fund for Impact Startups
October 20, 2019
The European Investment Fund (EIF)  announced in Zagreb on the 3rd of October that it had contributed €15 million to a new impact investment fund called Feelsgood; the contribution was cover
Venture Profiles – Pearse Coyle, Deeptech Seed Fund
Venture Profiles – Pearse Coyle, Deeptech Seed Fund
September 17, 2019
Recently, we had the chance to talk to Pearse Coyle of Deeptech Seed Fund out of Dublin. Pearse has been the founding CEO, first investor or first head of sales in 11 tech ventures, 6 of ...
Barcelona SME Pitch Event May 8, 2019
Barcelona SME Pitch Event May 8, 2019
April 15, 2019
Forum Capital Pymes gives the opportunity to SMEs to present in a face-to-face investment forum to 40-50 investors in Venture Capital, Family Office, Industrials, Corporate Banking profi...