Rainmaking Loft welcomes Angelsbootcamp

We are pretty excited to be heading off to London in two weeks for the next installment of Angelsbootcamp. In London, our host is the Rainmaking Loft.

Startupbootcamp Berlin has announced its third Angelsbootcamp September 29 & 30 at The Rainmaking Loft, London. Participants will join angels from around the world for an intense two days of interactive investing sessions run by seasoned veterans and industry insiders. The event culminates with hands-on start-up pitch sessions and applied evaluation discussions.

There are about 300,000 active business angels in Europe, but an estimated three million people with the means to be angels” says Angelsbootcamp founder Alex Farcet. “Crowdfunding platforms are taking off and activating a new generation of investors.

Investing in tech startups, and making it work over the long term, takes knowledge and experience. Our objective with Angelsbootcamp is to encourage would-be angel investors with a two-day crash course on the fundamentals of angel investment so that European tech startups can tap into a new class of skilled investors.

Angelsbootcamp participants learn through shared stories of success and failure. Battle scars will be revealed in a judgment-free and supportive environment. Connections will be made with other angels, many of which will continue to network and syndicate far after the event has completed.

Rainmaking Loft welcomes Angelsbootcamp


Recently, we had the opportunity to catch up with Oli Johnson, Co-Founder of and .

Many co-working spaces are springing up across Europe, what makes the Rainmaking Loft different? 

The founding principle of Rainmaking Loft was to provide our members with a collaborative and inspiring working environment as well as a diverse and welcoming community. 

There’s plenty of serviced office providers making healthy profits siloing companies in private offices or cubicles. This makes sense for some companies, however we had seen first hand how putting startups into the same space can have an incredibly positive effect. The startups in the Lofts are solving very different problems, however, they need to navigate a lot of the same hurdles. Things like, VAT, accounting, legals, payment solutions etc. By working in close proximity to each other, the startups can, for the cost of a latte, sort out complex issues in hours rather than days.

Having an open environment isn’t enough though. The personalities of the teams that occupy the space matters a lot as well. We have been very selective from the outset. For example, we only take on teams (as individuals are often not as forthcoming and open), that we like (as bad apples can easily spoil the pie) and that are working on inspiring things (as this elevates the standard for everyone in the Loft).

As for the community, we spend a lot of time and energy trying to create a space that our members want to not only work in, but socialize and have fun in as well. We invite our members to Wednesday breakfasts, Thursday movies and Friday beers. We organize various competitive events like The People’s Ping Pong Tournament, Mario Kart Races and more. We also have many learning events and networking opportunities and Loft Connections is an internal event designed to get members to help each others. Importantly, we celebrate each others’ milestones!

Lately we have been working on setting up a few clubs as well (we already have a techies club and a run club). 

What makes London an unique startup hub?

Europe has a few technology clusters, with more popping up at an increasing pace. Two of the bigger ones are London and Berlin. Ultimately we wanted to have a presence in both these cities and London seemed like a great starting point. And it has more than met expectations!

A lot of things contribute. Language, market size, government support, access to funding, transportation links etc. etc. The people that make up the London tech scene are the main reason for its success. They truly are a hodgepodge of creative, development and business talent.

Finally, London is best in class in many industries – retail and finance, just to name a couple – and is therefore in a perfect position to bring technological advancements into those sectors. 

The Rainmaking Loft is situated in two of Europe’s hottest startup sectors – Berlin and London. Can we expect more cities? 

Well, we’re opening Copenhagen soon. Beyond that, we’re keeping our options open. We have had interest from ranging San Francisco to Singapore. From Reykjavik to Cape Town. At the moment we have our hands full with London and Berlin and opening Copenhagen, but I wouldn’t rule out other cities in the future. Personally, I relish the chance to build bridges between startups and entrepreneurs in different corners of the world. 

Tell us about the startups. What stage and industries do you like to work with?

There isn’t a single dominant sector at the Loft. Most of the teams are internet/mobile startups and early stage. The teams hail from all corners of the world. Last time we checked there were 35 different nationalities in the Loft – which was very evident during the World Cup and the friendly rivalries that took place during those 4 weeks.

Can you tell us about Tesco and why you chose them as partner? 

Tesco has been a fantastic supporter of Rainmaking Loft from the beginning. We knew we wanted a partner that shared our vision about collaboration and community and our excitement for the opportunities in tech. Tesco certainly does that!

The Tesco support directly translates into lower prices (and more freebies) for our members, helping them at a crucial point in their lives. Funnily enough, Tesco opened a store in the same building a few months after we moved in, so some of their subsidies probably recycle into Tesco groceries. I hear plans for opening that store had been around well before we moved in though!

Finally, Tesco has shown great interest in meeting with our members, learning about what they’re working on and exploring avenues of collaboration as well. 

Tell us about the Arcade Gaming Themed Meeting Rooms. 

They’re absolutely essential! We brainstormed a few different themes and settled on this one. For me, the theme highlights the geek within all of us.

Our vision is that all Rainmaking Lofts should be built on the same principles of community and collaboration. That said, a Rainmaking Loft in one city can (and should) look and feel very different from a Rainmaking Loft in another city. Berlin Loft has meeting rooms named after Berlin nightclubs, for example.

Where can we learn more? 

Our website (www.rainmakingloft.com) and our Facebook (RainmakingLoft) and Twitter (@RainmakingLoft) pages are good places to start.

Rainmaking Loft welcomes Angelsbootcamp

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