Pitch Coaching with Beth Susanne

We met Beth Susanne back in March at Angelbootcamp. Part of Angelbootcamp is a live pitch session on Day 2.  20 or so startups compete for 3 slots to pitch to the Angels. She was there to coach the startups in the fine art of the pitch.

Beth Susanne was recently back in Berlin and we had a chance to sit down and get some tips on what makes a good pitch.

Pitch Coaching with Beth Susanne

How to pitch successfully, attract the right partners and find clients

A good pitch gets you fast and powerful results. As a coach I stretch and focus you quickly to make sure that your idea, product or technology receives the money, partners and attention it deserves.

Working together will guarantee that every future business conversation you have will be more focused and more productive. You will know clearly what to focus on and what your ‘audience’ needs to hear.

You will save yourself years of wasted conversations and get your idea successfully out into the world quicker than you thought possible.

Why do entrepreneurs need pitch coaching?

To understand what the investors/partners/clients need to hear and see, to grab their attention with what is special about their technology/product/service.

What is the biggest challenge entrepreneurs face when pitching?

To stand out from the crowd to inspire a few very high net-worth individuals to meet with you, to decide if they want to enter into a long-term relationship

What are the key elements that should be conveyed in a pitch?

  1. Describe the Problem/Opportunity in a compelling way
  2. Your Solution, and why it’s unique
  3. How big is your market?/Validation?
  4. Traction?
  5. Your team, and why you’re the right ones to do this
  6. Your ask?? Money? How much? Partners…who?

How long should your pitch be?

Depends on the event or setting. Generally 1 to 5 minutes.

What happens when you get a question out of left field that you aren’t prepared for?

Say, “That’s a good question, I’ll find out and will get back to you with the answer.”

 Are buzzwords good or bad?

Usually not a good idea. Use plain, simple English that everyone can understand, whether they’re in your field or not.

How do you convert tech speak into English?

With help from a pitch coach to ask what are you trying to communicate. Have someone ask them the “dumb” questions: What are you solving? Why does that matter? What’s the one thought you want to communicate with this slide?

What was the best pitch you ever heard and why?

Impossible to identify only one pitch as the “best”…I’ve coached more that 600 startups in the last two years alone.

What should you never say?

Several things should never be said:

Never say: “No one else does what we do.”

“We’re the only ones.”

“We’re going to disrupt the market.”

“We’re unique.”

The VCs and Angels have been exposed to so many startups, so chances are, that they’ve seen something like you, or think they’ve heard of something similar, and will be turned off to you if you make statements like these.

Where can we learn more about you?

I am an international pitch and business strategy coach for technology start-ups interested in U.S. market entry and global expansion.

I help start-ups and companies to have their value appreciated in the world. By making sure that every conversation about your business counts. So that you don’t waste your time, your money or your life. Want to know more? www.bethsusanne.com

And get ready to be funded and be launched.

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