Startup System EU  offers this European Innovation Conference calendar as a resource to help make connections between startups, investors and innovators.

Our goal is to bring together startups and innovation professionals to learn about cutting-edge innovations and foster dynamic conversation addressing how technology is transforming Europe.


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  • European Pirate Summit – Now in its fifth year, the Pirate Summit is Europe’s biggest invitation-only gathering of early-stage startups and investors. The Pirate Summit represents true grassroots entrepreneurship: authentic, crazy & real. Pirate Summit is the place to celebrate entrepreneurship. Cologne, Germany; Jul 2-3, 2019


  • Turing Fest 2019 – Turing Fest brings the smartest people in global tech to Scotland’s iconic capital city. Be part of a diverse audience of founders, engineers, product managers, marketers, investors and more, coming together to learn, connect and share a unique experience. Edinburgh, Scotland; Aug 27’29, 2019


  • UNIT 2019 The International LGBT+ Tech Summit – Same as with all of our UNICORNS IN TECH events, the central goal is to maintain an atmosphere of inclusivity that extends beyond the queer community. We welcome allies from diverse backgrounds across the world to our festival, as we strive to demonstrate that our shared passion for tech transcends all barriers. Berlin, Germany; Sept 12, 2019
  • NEXT – With over 10,000 visitors from 40 countries, NEXT has established itself in recent years as a premier conference in Germany for the digital economy. Founded by SinnerSchrader in Hamburg in 2006, the event has taken place in Berlin since 2010. Now NEXT is returning to its roots, to merge with Germany‘s largest club festival – the Reeperbahn Festival, and to come up with a programming platform which will bring together representatives of the music and digital economy in a unique way. Hamburg, Germany; Sept 19-20, 2019
  • AI Assistant Summit London – The summit will showcase the opportunities of advancing trends in AI Assistants & their impact. What impact will predictive intelligence have on business efficiency & personal organization? Learn the latest technological advancements & industry trends from a global line-up of experts. London, UK; Sept 19-20, 2019
  • AI in Retail & Advertising Summit London – Learn about AI applications in retail & advertising from inventory forecasting to stock level optimization to natural language processing for personalized shopping experiences to computer vision for sizing efficiency to algorithms for fraud detection. London, UK; Sept 19-20, 2019
  • Deep Learning Summit London – Discover advances in deep learning and smart artificial intelligence from the world’s leading innovators. Learn from the industry experts in speech & image recognition, neural networks, and big data. Explore how deep learning will impact communications, manufacturing, healthcare & transportation. London, UK; Sept 19-20, 2019
  • LONDON TECH JOB FAIR AUTUMN 2019 – a chance for job seekers to talk to companies that are hiring in person. If you’ve had enough of submitting your CV online without the opportunity to make a lasting first impression, here’s your chance to change your strategy and do a bit of networking. London, UK; Sept 26, 2019

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European Innovation CalendarEuropean Accelerator DeadlinesEuropean Digital Health Conferences