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Our goal is to bring together startups, investors and innovators to learn about cutting-edge innovations and foster dynamic conversation addressing how technology is transforming Europe.

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Venture Capital Estonia


  • Change Ventures – We are an early-stage venture capital fund backing ambitious Baltic founders. Investing up to €500k in seed-stage technology startups – we can lead, follow or syndicate. Change has no boundaries. Tallinn
  • Karma Ventures – Karma Ventures ( is an early-stage venture capital firm, specialized in late seed and A round investments in Europe’s most promising tech startups. Tallinn
  • Small Enterprise Assistance Funds (“SEAF”​) – a global investment firm focused on providing growth capital and operational support to businesses in emerging markets and those underserved by traditional sources of capital. SEAF selectively makes structured debt and equity investments in locally owned enterprises with high growth potential. Investors include a cross-section of public and private institutions, including several of the international finance institutions, local pension funds, insurance companies, banks and family offices. Amsterdam, Sofia, Estonia, Tbilisi, Pristina (Serbia), Skopje, Chisinau, Podgorica, Poland, Bucharest, Belgrade, Ljubljana
  • Superangel – a community of successful founders taking you to the next level. We offer early-stage investments from entrepreneurs to entrepreneurs. Tallinn
  • Tera Ventures – We have a presence in Estonia and Finland, plus global contacts and experience. We leverage and create access to global markets and capital pools, as well as value creation and realization for our portfolio companies. As former global entrepreneurs ourselves, we have walked in the shoes of our clients, and we place the relationships with our founders at the heart of our business. Helsinki, Los Angeles, Tallinn
  • Trind Ventures – an early-stage tech investor established by Joel Aasmäe, Ivar Siimar, Kimmo Irpola, and Taavi Lepmets. The team has invested in Norther and Central Europe since 1999 and made over 30 investments. Tallinn
  • United Angels VC – We are a €16m venture capital fund, focusing on investments into promising tech startups from seed to A-rounds. Our main focuses are on B2B, SaaS, fintech, and marketplaces. Tallinn

Venture Capital Estonia

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